The BAR JDP Ranch is a small ranch that focuses on the delivery of a superior beef product to our customers.. The Ranch is operated by my wife Debbie and I (Jim), with help from family members and friends when needed. We have been in the Raising, Caring For and Processing Beef since 2008. We have a select herd that is handle with a reduced stress, and provided the finest humane care we can provide.

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We breed and raise Lowline Angus Cattle. These cattle have been intentionally bred to a smaller size, and they provide an exceptional level of meat product while increasing their feed efficiency over larger Angus breed. Our cattle are given necessary Veterinarian care and are personally handle by us at least twice a day. They have a calm demeanor, and we support that with a calmer level of care. We love these animals and treat them as we would expect to be treated. The herd forages on Brome pasture grass in the summer and Sudan Grass and Corn Stalks in the winter. They also have daily access to mineral supplement tubs and receive Alfalfa as a treat.
Come on out and visit us. We will let you walk up to the herd, and you can feed them Range cake by hand...

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